02/12/2017 09:00

The worldwide web or as it is better known the Internet has changed the way we seek information.  Surfing the net is now probably the number 1 past time for many people.

The task, apart from the entertainment, games and the like, is to search for and review information.  From the information to prepare or make an informed choice, whether it is for educational purposes, personal circumstances or business activities.  The result of the process will affect or change a future motion or reaction. 

Clubwww1 offers a systematic approach to researching the vast amount of information on the worldwide web.  Membership (Associate, Full or Premier) is open to everyone young or old or you can use the free program.  All are welcome, new or experienced users can request personal tutoring or schedule appointments. The program offers, Marketing, Training & Development, e Courses, New Business start-ups, Credit Repair help and or advice.  Advice to Life Services and e bay Solutions and Services as well as E Shopping, Vacations, Travel Planning, Health Care and General Education. Tale a look and ejoy the more that 1000 website domains within the program.